Client Testimonial #1




Hey bro. I hope this finds you doing well. Better late than never, but here is a pic from our trip, and a testimonial that you can feel free to use however benefits you. “In my line of work I deal with fishermen on a daily basis. Guides, pro tournament, anglers, weekend tournament anglers etc. I have been blessed to fish with a lot of great anglers all across the country. I can honestly tell you that the day of fishing that I spent with Captain Brandon Wright of Destin Bay Charters was as enjoyable of a day as I’ve ever spent with anyone. He has an incredible knowledge of his fishery. He knows what the fish are doing and how to get them to bite. Aside from that, he is very personable and a fun guy to hang out with. I promise you that I won’t get near Destin Florida again without doing my best to spend another day in the boat with Brandon.”

Crispin Powley

Dealer Account Manager

Strike King Lure Company

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